Susi is a server application which is able to collect messages from various sources, including twitter. The server contains a search index and a peer-to-peer index sharing interface. All messages are stored in an elasticsearch index. An automatic deployment from the development branch at GitHub is available for tests here


Please join our mailing list to discuss questions regarding the project:!forum/loklak

Our chat channel is on gitter here:

Why should I use Susi?

If you like to be anonymous when searching things, want to archive tweets or messages about specific topics and if you are looking for a tool to create statistics about tweet topics, then you may consider Susi. With Susi you can:

  • collect and store a very, very large amount of tweets
  • create your own search engine for tweets
  • omit authentication enforcement for API requests on twitter
  • share tweets and tweet archives with other loklak users
  • search anonymously on your own search portal
  • create your own tweet search portal or statistical evaluations
  • use Kibana to analyze large amounts of tweets for statistical data.


Where to download SUSI

SUSI  can be downloaded in your Android phone from:

Bugs in SUSI Android App

  1. Some of the searches aren’t recognized by the application. Like:
  2. There are some abusive languages that are used by the app to the user.

Features that should be added to the SUSI app

  1. There should be some default wallpapers in the application for the users.
  2. The speaker button should be updated like that in whatsapp.


               Old Version


Updated Version




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