Praticipation in GCI with Fossasia


My name is Srijan Jha , I am a 16 year old boy from India . I study in one of the best schools of my city named Loyola School situated in Jamshedpur, India. I  am a coder, hacker and tech enthusiast.


Google Code-in 2016

I was introduced to FOSSASIA(FOSSASIA) in GCI 2k16. I was browsing for the organisations, I saw the FOSSASIA organisation . The organisation had a bit different concept than others. The tasks were a bit different and seemed to be amazing. As I was browsing I saw that the mentors were also awesome. The mentors helped the candidates trough various sites (i.e Slack,IRC channel and the mailing List).


FOSSASIA ( is a non-profit organization supporting developers and makers of Free and Open Source technologies. It was founded in 2009 by Hong Phuc Dang and Mario Behling. The aim of FOSSASIA is to develop and adapt open technologies for social change with a focus on Asian users. The FOSSASIA Summit takes place annually one month after the Lunar New Year. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA offers resources to various open-source projects and organizes an annual Open Technology Summit for students, developers and start ups.


 First task with FOSSASIA

The very first task of mine with FOSSASIA was “Git: Learn how to create a fork of FOSSASIA repositories” . The tasks seemed to be a bit hard but was made easy with help of the amazing mentors of FOSSASIA. I contacted the mentors through SLACK to which they replied politely and I was able to do the task easily.


My favourite task

My favourite task was  “Website: Add your photo to the GCI FOSSASIA Site Student Section and Tweet about it” . In this task I properly got to know about github and it’s advantages. I created my account in the and learned to know how to tweet in Twiitter.


Technologies interested in

I have a keen interest in writing a blog, essay . I also love coding in different languages like python,c++ and java. I also love ethical hacking and learned it from YouTube. Besides I like community discussions Like in Slack with the Fossasia members and the mantors.




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