My name is Srijan Jha , I am a 16 year old boy from India . I study in one of the best schools of my city named Loyola School situated in Jamshedpur, India. I  am a coder, hacker and tech enthusiast.



                                                            School’s Logo




This year I participated in Google Code-in with FOSSASIA(http://fossasia.org) through which I came to know about many new technologies. The Fossasia projects have personally developed my mind and I am able to think about it effectively. I was also helped by the mentors to complete the task easily through slack . Some of the Fossasia projects that I worked in this year’s GCI are:


1.Git: Learn how to create a fork of FOSSASIA repositories

This task helped me to learn about Github of which I was unaware but now I am able to handle it easily.



2.Add your photo to the GCI FOSSASIA Site Student Section and Tweet about it

By this task I was able to add my photo and information on the student’s section of Fossasia (http://gci16.fossasia.org). This task also helped me to understand that what Twitter is all about and how to tweet on it.


3.Open Event Android: Download and Install Open Event Android app on your Phone. Test it and report issues.

This task helped me to know that how we could download an .apk file from the repository. It also gave me an information how to write an issue on Github .



At last I want to conclude that I was truly motivated  by doing these tasks and came to know about many things of which I was unaware of.


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